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How to Get Connected

To get connected you will need to purchase a DigiNet modem and a plan. Simply connect your DigiNet modem to your computer using the ethernet cable and start surfing the net.

Which DigiNet Unit Will I Need

In areas close to towers an indoor unit can be used. If you live further away, an outdoor will be more appropriate.

DigiNet Prepaid Plan Rates




Expiry Days 

Volume Cap (GB)

Pre10Day Up to 512/128  $20 10 Days  1
PreHomeMonthly Up to 512/128 $45  30 Days  5
PreHomePlus Up to 512/256 $80  30 Days  10
PreHomePremium Up to 1024/512 $120  30 Days  15

*Volume Cap is set at a fair usage level. As this is a shared network, the overall performance is dependant on usage. The acceptable usage policy applied means that if you exceed your data allowance, your usage will finish until your next purchase.

Changing Plans

To change plans call our Customer Care team on 123 from your Digicel Nauru Phone or visit the Digicel Store and our agents will help you make the changes.